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Our book we've called Marketing, Branding Advertising & Iran

How knowledge sharing in Iran is a big win for all

"There is no wealth like knowledge, and no poverty like ignorance", is a quote by the Buddha that does not appear in our recently published book on Marketing, Branding and Advertising here in Iran. Among the 300 cutely coloured pages you can find a great many other quotes from many other great people, but that isn't to say that the Buddha's quote is not important to us. On the contrary, his quote can be found in the heart of many things we do at Zigma8 Advertising Agency and is impetus behind us creating our first, and hopefully not last, book.

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For the most part, this book is comprised of selected and edited entries from over a year's worth of regular content initially published on our website. Between these entries - which have now been translated to Persian from their initial English - we wanted to give the freedom to our designers and illustrators to create a book that looked just as good as it read - they didn't disappoint! Using specialist inks and printing techniques, we managed to create an object that simply must be held with your own hands and seen with your own eyes.

Although the Buddha might politely avoid mentioning that our initial entries online served as much as promotion for our marketing, branding, and advertising services in Iran, we hope that he'd appreciate our efforts with knowledge sharing. Throughout our years of successfully providing these services both to our national and international clients, we've repeatedly found that knowledge sharing is a big win for all. In fact, this has lead us to a mantra we - and certainly our CEO Dr. Mir Damoon Mir - repeatedly share with those we work with: "be better in a better market".

We chose to launch the book this February during the Global Synergy Tehran business forum. The event was one that Zigma8's successfully sold-out through its social media marketing efforts and one that we conducted live social media marketing from. In a karmic effort to keep the Buddha smiling we gave away copies at the event for a small donation to our selected charity Ameneh Nursery.

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If you yourself would like to receive a copy of the book and contribute to the charity, please contact us on +98 21 88921189 / +98 21 88921584 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We hope that sharing the knowledge we've gained over the years will bring you as much wealth as it now does for us. 


Please find a list of some of the topics covered in the book below, which also each link to the original online versions.

  • Branding and what makes a brand
  • Why brand identity is important in determining a brand’s success
  • Why branding is essential to marketing
  • How investing in brand identity can improve sales
  • Why a brand strategy essential for any business
  • How positioning can help increase a brand’s success
  • How big ideas can help bring greater engagement
  • How customer experiences are more memorable than your logo
  • How brand names can determine a company’s success
  • How brand architecture can shape a company’s future
  • How taglines fit into a company’s brand identity
  • Branding across geographical borders
  • How social media changed the way brands communicates
  • How brand identity is more than just image
  • How a brand’s promise can be broken in print
  • How to make label designs that leave a long lasting impression
  • How world-class events needn’t cost the world
  • How to advertise on Iranian television and make a bigger impression
  • How to build relationships beyond the regular media
  • How to climb the ranks of Iran’s digital domains
  • How to make a big impression online in Iran
  • How to advertise on Telegram in Iran and get the message out
  • How to advertise on Instagram in Iran while building a brand
  • How Aparat is changing the way we see advertising in Iran
  • 8 top tips on how to better brand and advertise online in Iran